Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Control Does

Do you want stricter gun laws? Actually, your opinion doesn’t matter! The people in charge of our state are going to do whatever they want and you don’t have a say. Seeing as that is the case, has this anti christian, anti gun, socialist leaning government controlled state of California become overreaching enough to make you want to leave yet?

They say when a bill is passed it is the “will of the people” but if that was the case, wouldn’t the 6 new gun control bills not be announced as official laws until after they were on the November ballot?  Look we believe 90% of the gun laws in the golden state are ridiculous, however if these new laws that supposedly will keep people safe were passed because the majority of Californians showed they wanted them, and made them law by casting a vote, we’d except it.  We’d probably move but we’d except it because we believe in the democratic process.  Too bad we’re a republic.

Here are the 6 Bills signed into law by Governor Brown:

  • AB 1135 & SB 880 will redefine many rifles and guns as “Assault Weapons”
  • AB 1511 says you can’t loan a gun to anyone other than a family member
  • AB 1695 will prohibit anyone who lies about a stolen or lost gun from buying another one for 10 years
  • AB 1235 makes it so everyone buying ammunition would have to go through a background check
  • SB 1446 says you can’t own a magazine that can hold more than 10 round

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew

In Media We Trust?

Nowadays media bias is obviously a huge thing. Do you actually think you can trust the mainstream media at all? There are a ton of different ways to get news but you have to take the time and wade through soooo much stuff.  If mainstream media is not trustworthy how can we get good information?

If you do want to get your news. You should always read at least three articles about one story from different media groups.  Then you might actually get the facts.

Fox News


Christian Post


Charisma News 

LA Times

Washington Post

OC Register 

Life News


You see the list is from media groups that have a different look at the world.  Some liberal and some conservative; as a believer it is your job to have answers (1 Peter) Knowing what’s going on in the world helps when you have conversations about your faith.  Especially if you want to make real change in your community.

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew  

Liberals v Conservatives

We’re sure everyone will want to play the neither card but… Is conservatism or liberalism more “Christian”?  We are only talking MORE “christian”  Here are some issues both sides care about and have argued about for years.  Which side do you agree with?

  1. Abortion:
  • Liberals – “It is the right of the woman caring the child to choose whether or not to abort the clump of cells.”
  • Conservatives – “It’s a Child at the point of conception.  This shouldn’t even be a conversation.”
  1. Immigration:
  • Liberals – “There should be no borders, man created them and all people should be free to go wherever they desire.”
  • Conservatives – “We have laws to protect our country and anyone too childish or criminal to abide by them should not get special treatment.  You want in, work for it.”
  1. Foreign Relations:
  • Liberals – “Any violence against the U.S. is our own fault because of our overreach in other countries. But we do need to help and do everything thing for these other countries, it’s our obligation.  Also we allied ourselves with evil Israel.”
  • Conservatives – “We will work and trade with anyone who deals with us respectfully. Don’t screw us over or try to kill us or we will put a boot in your ass.”

More issues:

1. Economics: Take a look at Venezuela

  • Liberals – “What do we want? Free school, free healthcare, free housing, free food, and more money.  When do we want it? NOW? How do we pay for it? Rollerskate!”
  • Conservatives – “If you want to be successful get educated, work hard and get what you want and stop making excuses.” you whiny little bitches!

2.  Guns: Donald Trump sparks more controversy

  • Liberals – “Guns cause violence and kill people and without them everyone would be safe because we have progressed passed all the violence and all people are good.”
  • Conservatives – “Uh there are bad people, religions and governments in the world and they have come after us and may again. Can you say history.  Since no one uses swords anymore it would be good to arm yourself to protect your family and country.  It is wise to have a gun and never need it, than need it and not have it.”
  1. Freedom of Speech:
  • Liberals – “You have the freedom to say anything…Unless it’s against what we believe, that means you’re full of hate and should lose everything you bigot.”
  • Conservatives – “Unless your comment would bring literal harm to someone, say what you want.”

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew

All Flavor No Grease and All Faith ‘N God

So Marc shares this video with me on Facebook about this little restaurant in Watts.  We were first impressed with the food he was making. (Of Course) But then Keith Garrett really caught our attention when he basically said even, “Rival gangs in the area that don’t like each other are going to have peace right here”.  So we invited the founder of All Flavor No Grease into the studio to talk about how what started as a hustle turned into a positive influence in his community.





Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

The Morning Brew