Are We Evil?

Notes for the Show

Forging: Christians, conservatives or anyone who voted for Trump are being labeled as EVIL.  What is evil? Are you evil? Do you feel attacked as if you are? Where is the attack coming from? Friends, family, social media, TV, radio, church, the white house, news, liberals?

Headline: Half of the country may be literally evil

  • Liberal logic is baffling
  • So much Emotion and hypocrisy (labeling is okay)
  • I thought it was “we are the world” not “i am the center of the universe”
  • Liberal indoctrination centers might need to slow down a bit or a lot
  • People need to open their eyes to reality and what is actually evil

Sharpening: Is there evil and what does evil look like?

  • GTA in real life is evil
  • Intentional blindness and hypocrisy is evil
  • Shooting up a nightclub is evil
  • Shooting up a Christmas party is evil
  • Terrorism is evil
  • Castro was evil
  • Abortion is evil
  • Liberalism is evil/the democrat party is evil
  • Racism is evil
  • Islam is evil
  • Justifying evil is evil

Final Thought: People are evil becasue they are blind.

Marc Mitchel ~ Rob Newton

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